Course Outcomes

This web-based virtual negotiation course will:

  • Provide participants with an understanding of basic negotiation concepts.
  • Suggest a model for conducting negotiations.
  • Explore communication skills for building influence.
  • Offer responses to negotiation trips, traps, and tactics.

Course Overview

People who are prepared usually get better results from negotiations than those who rely only on their charisma, quick thinking, and ability to “wing it.” This negotiation skills course covers the fundamentals anyone who negotiates should understand.  The interactive and fast-paced virtual workshop discusses negotiation outcomes, when collaboration makes sense, a proven negotiation process, questioning and listening skills, and the tricks, tactics, and traps of which all negotiators should be aware.

Program Objectives

At this session’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain well-known negotiation terms and vocabulary and understand negotiating strategy.
  • Follow an eight-step negotiation process.
  • Understand preparation of objectives and targets
  • Use questioning and listening skills to their advantage.
  • Take five specific actions to increase their influence in a virtual context.
  • Professionally disagree or decline a request when necessary.
  • Prepare for negotiating tactics, tricks, and traps.

Program Modules

  • Negotiation Skills Basics: From Start to Finish
  • Laying the Foundation: Trust and Rapport
  • Reds and Blues: Collaboration and Win-Win Negotiation
  • Disagreeing Tactfully: I Understand, and…
  • On the Lookout: Recognizing Negotiating Tricks and Tactics
  • Let’s Practice: Case Studies and Application

By the conclusion of this interactive web-based training course, participants should have a solid understanding of negotiation principles and basics for managing both internal and external negotiations with or without formal authority.