Throughout our history, we’ve worked with most parts of the Federal Government as well as state and local governments. Over the years, we’ve delivered workshops from our standard onsite catalog, and we’ve developed some programs specific to government audiences: engaging government employees, customer service in the public sector, writing for the government, plain language, and tips for following the GPO style guide.


Will you accept SF-182?

Yes, we will accept an SF-182.

Do you accept government credit card payments?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can we pay after the work is complete?

Yes, as long as we have a purchase order, SF-182, or signed confirmation letter.

Will your quote include travel and materials?

Yes, we can provide you with an inclusive quote.

Do your training courses qualify as off-the-shelf offerings?

Yes, unless you specifically ask for a custom project.

Although we’re a government group, we do not want a program focused on the government. Can you accommodate?

Yes, we have a robust catalog of courses from which you can choose. Currently, only a handful of our workshops specifically target government audiences.

We’re used to starting work early. Will you adjust your course hours?

If you’re there early, so are we.

Our facility does not allow cell phones. Is that a problem?

We will follow your protocols. 

Can you provide us with government references?



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